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A couple of months ago I became an owner of a Palm & Pond Mei Tai. I am an avid bargain hunter so for some £25 it seemed like an amazing deal.

Palm & PondThe good thing about Palm & Pond is, that it is always out there and it will definitely not go away any time soon, the price hardly ever changes, plus it ships out of the UK; so if you need a pretty mei tai instantly, you know where to go (as oposed to staking out FSOT groups on facebook or wait for a discount from one of the bigger companies).

The bad thing is, that a lot of the facts in the Product description are just simply not true. The company claims their slings are incredibly comfortable, while my experience is the exact opposite.

Their mei tai is a bit like a pair of stilettos, because it is so beautiful, you push through the pain. You wouldn’t want to go on a hike in it, but it’s great for a trip to town.

However, it is so unforgiving, it will really make you understand the importance of TICKS (Tight; In view at all times; Close enough to kiss; Keep chin off the chest; Supported straight back). If you’re using Palm & Pond think very VERY tight, otherwise you end up wearing your baby by your knees within a couple of minutes. My little man always sags a bit (apart from our woolen wrap, he ain’t going nowhere in that), but it’s ever so more noticeable in this mei tai. I blame the fabric.

There is just no way that is cotton. No way! Maybe polycotton, but you’ll know the first time you touch it. It is very thin throughout and very slippy. You’ll probably have more of a grab with a stretchy. The stitching is good though, I have no fears about my child’s safety, compared to some other Amazon and eBay sold slings.

The front panel is fairly small and the straps are definitely not the longest, and not very wide. On the other hand, you can roll it up into a bunch that’s not going to be bigger than your average honeydew melon. If you need something that will be often in and out your bag, this is definitely a sling for you. I use it when I drop off and collect Sambo from his childminders, as I can easily leave it there without taking up a lot of their space. I can also imagine it’s going to be something I could use to give a bit of a rest to a tired toddler, once he actually learns to walk.

As all mei tais it is very easy to use, you just tie it around your waist, pick up you child, put the panel between his or her legs, cross the shoulder straps behind your back, double tie underneath your child’s bum and off you go. We’ve not done much back carrying with the Palm & Pond, mainly because of the width of the straps, but that’s definitely something I want to explore a bit more, possibly do a bit of reinforcing.

Lovely designs – and many of them
Folds down to a small bunch of cloth, easily fits in your bag

It can get uncomfortable very soon
The company is not honest about their product

To sum up:
You get what you pay for and you can probably do better if you stay calm and wait for a good offer.
2 out of 5

If you have any experience with Palm & Pond, let us know!

4 thoughts on “Palm & Pond Mei Tai

  1. I own a Palm & Pond Mei tei. I found it good when my little girl was a newborn, but now she’s 4 months old and I’m tying it differently I’m finding the knots are slipping quickly and I struggle to get the top tight enough to support her. I’m now looking at more expensive mei tei that’ll have longer straps and better support.

  2. I have just used a mei tai today. Not so keen on it at all. Bb is big for 9nmnths. Slipped very quickly, don’t like bending down in it much. Straps aren’t very supportive and the weight is not evenly distributed. Not good for long carries. I’m trying out a podaegi today. I will see how I fair in that.

  3. i got a Palm and Pond and i agree with you, u need to pull REALLY TIGHT on the straps. the angle of the top straps make it very hard to tighten. my 8 months old is a leaner and that doesn’t help. he’s safe in there, not going to drop out but just not very comfortable for the wearer. the front panel is quite short and my baby isn’t even big for his age at all. but like u said, it’s pretty and very affordable, so i still use it with pride. vanity! lol

  4. Just to throw another view into the mix. I found that when my little one was younger, I had to readjust it more often and actually as he grew I found it more comfortable. He does tend to lean to one side & that shoulder does tire, but no more than the soft-support carrier I use. I’ve tried other carriers & maybe because I’m very short & very thin, I find a lot don’t suit me. The palm & pond one is the one I use most.

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