Stretchy Wraps

A stretchy wrap is a long piece of fabric, generally cotton jersey, measuring around 5m long.

1450054_10151728810676582_371455034_nSounds like an awful lot of fabric doesn’t it? The amount of fabric helps spread the weight of the baby evenly across your body.

Stretchy wraps are popular to use with newborns because you can pre-tie them, leave them on all day and just pop baby in and out as you need to with no need to re-wrap. This is great when you have a new baby that is in and out of the wrap regularly for feeding and nappy changes.

Stretchy wraps serve their purpose well but for a relatively short time. Although often safety tested up to 35lb, most people find they start getting uncomfortable when baby is around 8 months old. 1505027_10151728810721582_1121092242_n

There are many different brands of stretchy wrap and they vary in price {from around £20 up to £70}, thickness and length. Examples of popular brands include Kari me, Moby, Victoria Sling Lady , Hana & Boba. They often come in one solid colour but there are some pretty patterned options out there too!

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