Meet the Team

Hello from your new Nottingham Slingmeet team. Have a read below to find out a little more about each of us. We look forward to chatting to you at a meet soon!


AmyHi, I’m Amy. When I discovered babywearing I thought my son would be too old to carry. But when I found out I was pregnant again and bought a ring sling in preparation I decided to try anyway. I started carrying him to/from preschool (he was 2.5yrs) during the second trimester of pregnancy, and found it so comfortable and cosy – I should’ve started sooner! I’ve carried my second bubs since birth, and now use woven wraps as well as ring slings. Amy, Slingmeet Treasurer & Peer Supporter

LeahHi I’m Leah. I’m a trainee babywearing consultant. I have been exclusively wearing since my little one was 4 months old. I’m a wrapper at heart! Please don’t come looking for me too early! Leah, Slingmeet Chair & Peer Supporterkris

Hi, I’m Kris and I have five kids. I’ve been wearing off and on for the last 17 years in all manner of carriers, from high street brands and framed carriers through to ring slings and wraps, as well as owning various pushchairs in that time. I pretty much exclusively carry these days but keep a buggy on hand for wrap strike days too. Kris, Slingmeet Secretary & Peer SupporterLyndsey

Hi, I’m Lyndsey, mum of 3 and babywearer of only the youngest, I discovered woven wraps when looking for a way to keep my little buggy refuser happy when out and about. I love a bit of web design so my main role is looking after the website. Lyndsey, Techbod & Front of House

emily1Hi I’m Emily mum/step mum of seven (3 eldest aren’t mine) I started wrapping when Katie now 2 was about 3 months old when I was struggling with breastfeeding and daily tasks and the lovely leah introduced me to wraps, I never looked back since I fact when I found out I was pregnant with daisy I had to start practising tandem wearing as I have previously struggled with double buggys, and now at 39 months and 26 months I still wear them both together. Emily, Peer Supporter

vicI’m Vic, mum of three. I enjoyed carrying all my children alongside using single and double pushchairs, but during my 3rd pregnancy, I became obsessed with buying a sling rather than the carrier I’d used for the first two.  With three children under 3, I quickly discovered the usefulness of extended carrying to get through the day, and my new babywearing journey began. My youngest is now 2 and still carried daily; all the pushchairs have been sold and replaced with woven wraps and buckles; and best of all I have a hand free for each of the older two. Vic, Peer Supporter


My name is Amy, I discovered a love for babywearing through the Nottingham Slingmeet when I had my first child. There have been times when I thought it was a mystical talent which I would never be able to master, but now, with the help of Slingmeet I can not imagine being without babywearing in my life! I am proud to say that I now have a little stash of lovely wraps developing, so if you ever need to know about blue / green / feather designs… I can probably tell you far more than you would ever wish to know! Amy S, Peer Supporter

carrieHi, I’m Carrie, mum of 3 and I have carried all three in various types of carriers. I have fallen in love with wrapping my youngest but also love using buckles, pods and ring slings.  I love to sew and can often be found creating things from all wrap scraps. Carrie, Peer Supporter